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Title: Shark Kill Zone by Laura Barbosa


Always on the hunt for food, the shark kill zone is where sharks find food and sometimes that means sampling people… SHHHARRRKKKKKKK. A comic book style illustration and painting of a great white shark who swallowed a person or just someone’s arm.

New! ” Shark Kill Zone ” SMALL PAINTING – 8 x 10″

On Auction for * 3 days * Win it for $12.99 – Place a Bid Here

Title: Skull Cloud by Laura Barbosa

Since the Beginning of Mankind, People have been seeing Skull Images in Cloud Formations. These clouds have meanings for some and in certain cultures people who see them often think they hold a personal message. Some think these symbols have something to do with Time, Creation, Divinity or other worldly phenomena. This painting is a fantastical dream scape with many colors to boost the mind and elevate the soul.


LARGE 24 x 36” Acrylic Painting with Texture!

On Auction for ** 7 days ** - Starting Bid is $1.00

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Title: Look To The Sky

A Plein Air Painting of the Jersey Shore Sky in the Morning around 9 AM. Look to the Sky and you might see a Rainbow in between the clouds. May all your wishes come true….

2 Piece Diptych Each Canvas Measures 12″ x 12″. this Piece is 24″ Wide. It is on Auction for ** 5 days ** with a Starting Bid of $24.99 / No Reserve!!

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